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100 Genesis Pass Drop in time for Mola Chill 2303.

Want to step into a futuristic London and watch Central Cee, Saintè and Bossy LDN this coming March 23rd? Be sure to purchase the NFT tickets starting this Sunday 20th, or get your Mola Chill Club Genesis Pass today and tomorrow. Space are limited.

The Genesis pass is your lifetime membership to the Mola Chill Club.

We will only produce 1000 Genesis passes , currently 200 have been sold and another 100 will drop over the next two days.

The Genesis Pass will unlock the ticketing website for Mola Chill Club events, but in some cases the Genesis Pass is all you need to attend our events. For example Genesis Pass holders could attend both our County Fair with Rex Orange County as well as the upcoming Mola Chill 2303 by just checking in with the Membership Pass at the event

The Genesis Pass is a lifetime membership pass to the Mola Chill Club, as long as you have it in your defi wallet, it will unlock benefits available exclusively to Mola Chill Club members. You can transfer or sell your Mola Chill Club passes, and whoever has the item in their wallet shall be recognized as a Mola Chill Club member. We will only produce 1000 Genesis passes, in the event that you miss our drops, you can look for it on secondary marketplace such as Opensea.


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